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Alfred 3 workflow to a quick look at Longman dictionary and creating Anki cards (intelligent flashcards).


The search, 

ldoce <query>

for Longman Dictionary, uses Pearson's API to hunt for headwords and senses that match 

headword <query>

The search, ldoce <query>, uses Pearson's API  to hunt for headwords and senses that match headeword/<query>. 25 results are retrieved by default for headword search. This workflow searches from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (5th edition)[ldoce5 - API]. And creates Anki cards by your choices (if an article of the current word in this API not existing audio examples the Alfred will create audio examples from Oddcast. [uses random voices: Julie, Kate, James]


I created the video presentation (duration 4 minutes) which explain it better. Look at this in action if you are interested.




$ npm install --global alfred-ldoce



There are two options:

  • language: Choose your language (it use google-translate-API).
  • path_to_anki-media: by default don't need to.


The teaching method used in the Anki template:

Scramble is a method of teaching by dividing a worksheet and answer sheet with alternative answers available. The students are expected to look for answers and the solution to a problem that exists.

Scramble sentence - is a game to arrange random words to form a specific sentence. The sentence should be logical, meaningful, appropriate, and correct.

For example:

  • does – he- where – holidays – go – on? = Where does he go on holidays?
  • went-i-school-to-yesterday = I went to school yesterday



More info:

Getting started with NPM

install from npmjs.com


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