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Request : Workflow to display all my Calendars in Google Calendar

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Hi all, 


I have an issue with Google agenda since quite a long time now : with more than 25 agenda, when I focus on one Agenda with the menu "Display this only", there is no simple way to display back all the Calendar.




I have to click one by one on the 25 checkbox to have a complete view again : 




I had a workaround with the previous version of Google Agenda, that does not work anymore. 


This is a quite popular request on the Forum of Google Calendar : 



I was wondering if it could be achieved via a Alfred Workflow ? (A workflow that would check all the checkboxes from the calendar list).


If someone know how to to that, I can pay for the time spent of this, as it would really help me ;)




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This is a question about browser automation and has nothing to do with Alfred. If you can figure out a script to do what you want, you might be able to *run* it via Alfred, but making other apps do things apart from open a file or quit is well outside of Alfred's scope.


What you're asking can probably be done via a userscript or extension, depending on the browser.


You should therefore probably ask on a userscript-related forum or one for whatever browser you're using.

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