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Every time I now start up Alfred, and I type "open", there’s an app web link called “Openmenu X” that shows up as the second choice in the menu. I’ve never seen that before. I have no idea why it’s all of a sudden showing up. Any idea? Any idea how I remove it? Thank you.

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Go to Alfred Preferences → Features → Web Search → URLs / History. Do you find any URL there that might be what you’re seeing? If so, remove it by selecting it and pressing ⌫.

If that doesn’t work, please post a screenshot of the occurrence.

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Ah, that’s a web bookmark. If you go into Alfred Preferences → Features → Web Bookmarks, you have one or more sources selected, correct?

So to remove that specific result you either:

  • Deactivate the Source in the Web Bookmarks section.
  • Change Show Bookmarks in the Web Bookmarks section to Via Keyword.
  • Delete the bookmark in the relevant browser.
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