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CMD + Return doesn't do a default web search without fallback

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Not sure if this is a bug or how it is supposed to run. My issue is I can't use the hot key CMD + Return(or any of the other hot key options listed in the advanced tab) to perform a web search in my default browser without having a fall back result. I like keeping Alfred minimal and didnt want to have any fall back searches. Id rather simply use the hot key however, once I remove all the fall back searches, the hot key no longer triggers a web search. 

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@bzzzl Welcome to the forum! Removing fallback searches doesn't make Alfred any more minimal, as the fallback searches will only show when no other results are found. Just make sure your Fallback searches are set to only show if no other results are found (which is the default setting) rather than intelligently showing at the bottom of the results list.


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.32.55.png


Cmd + Return is simply a way to force using the default fallback search when the query also happens to match a local result.


This feature won't be changing, so I would encourage you to choose at least one fallback search, allowing you to use Cmd + Return when relevant. :)


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