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Is there a way to combine a list filter with an

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Here's what I want to do:


User selects an option in a script filter. That passes them to a second step which is a list filter where they can make a choice and optionally enter a second argument.


In my case what I want to do is let someone enter a search parameter in that second step. So the second step is a list filter that gives them three choices: search, search in a new window, search in a new tab and allows them to enter a search parameter. My problem is that anytime you enter an argument in a list filter it filters the options if that makes sense, but what I want to do is let someone enter a parameter that is passed along the workflow but have a choice of how to action that parameter. I realize I could easily do this by using modifiers (shift, fn, etc) but I'd rather make it more obvious by picking the option out from a list.


I haven't created it yet or I would attach the workflow--I'm looking for input on how to do this.

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You can’t capture arbitrary queries from a List Filter. If you want to do that, it needs to be a Script Filter (so you’ll have two in a row).

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Playing around more with Script filter looks like it will work. I think I can capture the input plus set a variable for which option a user clicked so I should be able to do it all in one step.

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