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Folder navigation enhancement in the built-in "Copy to..." and "Move to..." file actions.

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Currently, "Copy to..." and "Move to..." file actions only support navigating the destination directory by typing the path or name manually.


Sometimes this is inconvenient because (1) the path may contains non-English characters which lead to input method switching, and (2) when the path is deep, one may not clearly remember  each parent directories.


So I hope the navigation function can be enhanced. For example, when I press right arrow, it will enter the selected folder; when I press left arrow, it will enter the parent folder; when I press enter, it will use the selected folder as the target directory and the copy or move actions are applied. This can be extremely convenient.


What do you think of this idea?

Thank you.

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On 2018/3/20 at 7:49 PM, vitor said:

That is exactly how it works already.


By default it uses ⌘↑ and ⌘↓; if you want to to use ← and →, go to Alfred Preferences → Features → File Search → Navigation → Shortcuts (tick the first box).


Thank you for pointing out! This is really helpful.

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