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Ease of OneNote Task

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Hi Everyone,


I was hoping for some information about whether or not I'd be able to use Alfred to accomplish a task. I'm not a developer and just learned about Alfred (and made this account) today when searching for ways to complete this task. I'm hoping someone could tell me if what I'm hoping to do is possible and how difficult it would be for someone with no background before committing to further research or purchasing anything.


What I would like to do is:

1) Create pages and subpages in Microsoft OneNote for Mac named from the fields of the csv file.

2) Paste certain bullet points and text in all those newly created pages.


A quick search for workflows that do something similar to what I'm looking for or how I could go about doing this didn't reveal anything immediately helpful, so, as mentioned, I wanted to check in to see if someone had any information they could share to help me decide whether I should pursue this further.


Thanks in advance for any replies,


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You could certainly use Alfred to launch such a task if it’s possible, but you’d need to see if it is possible — generally the Applescript support in MS Office is quite good if quirky, but I haven’t tried scripting OneNote.  

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