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The State of Alfred Remote app

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I want to purchase Alfred Remote, but the fact it isn't updated for almost 3 years worries me. There is no support for modern devices and iOS features. What's the state of the project, and should we expect new updates for it?

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Alfred Remote will be receiving a big "Version 2" update, I'm already planning the feature set and improvements.


It's also worth noting that we've been adding features to Alfred Remote through added objects within Alfred itself, so while Alfred Remote hasn't had a core update, it has had new abilities added over the past few years.




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5 hours ago, jungledev said:

I'm interested in helping out with development


Then suggest some cool new features. That's our role in Alfred's development.


Speaking from my own experience, if you come up with a good idea that improves Alfred (and is compatible with its guiding philosophy), it's likely Andrew will implement it. He, more than any of us, wants Alfred to be as good as it can be.


5 hours ago, jungledev said:

would love to see an update either way


Not to be rude, but that's not a particularly meaningful statement. What specifically would you like the update to contain?

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16 hours ago, jungledev said:

would love to see an update either way.  


As Andrew said, there are plans for the future of Remote, however, because it's been such a stable, bug-free app, there's been no need for a release. Many companies put out updates almost weekly, purely because they're fixing bugs constantly.


Alfred Remote gets new actions and objects added via Alfred itself, so the Remote app doesn't need to be updated. 


Taking a look at your details (visible to admins only), it doesn't appear that you're a Powerpack user; This is the first step to taking advantage of Remote! You can then trigger your own workflows and do so much more with your Remote. :) If you are a Powerpack user, please fill in your details in your forum profile, and we'll be able to suggest some more ways you can take advantage of Remote.



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I'm really glad to hear this as I deleted Alfred Remote from my iOS devices because I mistakenly believed it wasn't under active development. Kudos to the team for keeping it bug free. It has given me no troubles through several iterations of iOS. I just thought it was abandonware. I was wrong. Redownloading now. :-)

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I would like Alfred remote to be able to interact with Siri.  

It would be great if it were able to

  1. expose Siri commands to e.g. my HomePod
  2. interact with preset options in workflows


I am aware there are many things that can be done with workflow/shortcuts interacting with Siri, but I can see a range of possibilities to run commands and services from a Mac, when initiated from a phone.


as one use case

  • Homepod’s can play music directly, but not the radio
  • I can stream radio from my phone to the HomePod (and automate that) - but the phone stays in my pocket and whenever I walk out of range, say into the garden it disconnects.
  • Alfred workflows already exist for Airfoil and Radio
  • I’ve been playing radio happily from my Mac to the HomePod
  • Just practicing my workflow editing “skills” right now...


I imagine there are many other scenarios where a fixed location Mac could contribute valuably to HomePod or AppleTV or other airplay device when coupled with Siri enriched with Alfred workflows

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