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Home assistant workflow

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This workflow lets you control your Home Assistant from Alfred.

You will be able to control you lights, get sensor information, trigger automations and look for your devices in device tracker.

And more to come..



_haurl - Set the URL to the home assistant. 

_hapassword - set the API password for Home Assistant


Commands to interact with home assistant

To triggar an automation:



To control lights:



To control your alarm:



To look at a Sensor:



To look at device tracker




You will find the workflow here : https://github.com/Skakiz/Alfred-Home-assistant-workflow








This is my first python coding, so no glitter code.




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Thanks for sharing, @Browall! I'm happy for seeing a workflow for home automation. I personally think Alfred has a lot to do in this scope.


That said, Packal is an unmaintained project and not at all the best way to distribute your workflow. You better go with GitHub releases. Just share the workflow binary in the releases page for each released version (I also place it in the repo). A good practice is place your source code within a folder named src or source while the README, the LICENSE and the binary stay outside this folder. Additionally, use the autoupdate feature of alfred-workflow library to ensure the user has the latest version of the workflow.


Take a look on Alfred PDF Tools implementation:  https://github.com/xilopaint/alfred-pdf-tools.

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Hi @xilopaint,

How do I test if the autoupdate is working? I think I have done everything so it should be up and running. However I cant get Alfred to show the message that a new workflow is available. The current version should be 1.0.1. Do I have to commit a new binary as well in order to get Alfred to see that a new version is present?



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5 hours ago, Browall said:

However I cant get Alfred to show the message that a new workflow is available.


What version of macOS are you on?


GitHub recently changed their SSL settings, and the Python version on El Capitan (which is old and has very crappy SSL support) and earlier no longer works (with GitHub).

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