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Search Google for '{query}' sometimes does not work

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I use the default Search Google for '{query}' web search feature, but it frequently does not work. This situation starts to happens after I update to Alfred 3 and maybe update OSX recently.

I'm using the latest Alfred, 

Alfred 3.6

Build 903, Wednesday 14th February 2018


My OSX version is 10.13.3


I'm sorry I cannot provide screenshots, because it's just you type 'go query' and then flashes and nothing happened, what strange is that if I type the query the 2nd time, then it usually works at the 2nd time, but I definitely don't want to type every query twice.


I'm new to this forum, point out any place that I need to make improvements on bug reporting. (Say, I'm not sure if I post to the right place)

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@laoreja Welcome to the forum. :)


  • Which web browser are you using? Is the browser quit the first time you try a keyword, but launched the second time? 
  • If you open Console.app, do you see any error messages relating to either Alfred or your web browser's name?
  • Is the issue only with web searches? E.g. If you search for an app on your Mac and press return, does the app launch normally?



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I'm using Google Chrome.

There are error messages for process Alfred 3 in Console.app, saying "LSExceptions shared instance invalidated for timeout."

Google chrome process also has error messages, though I don't know if it's related to Alfred: OSErr AERemoveEventHandler(AEEventClass, AEEventID, AEEventHandlerUPP, Boolean)(GURL,GURL handler=0x10be75a00 isSys=NO) err=0/noErr


I mainly use Alfred for web search. I tried to open app, it works fine.



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