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Auto opening parenthesis when doing math


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When typing a closing parenthesis, I would like Alfred to add an opening parenthesis at the start of the field.


Typing this:


results in:





For an example, let's say you're doing a calculation in Alfred. 


and you want to divide that result by 3


is incorrect because PEDMAS/BODMAS interprets it as: 8/3 + 20


So you add a closing paragraph:


and then you have to go back to the start and add the opening paragraph and then go back and divide by 3 and I know it sounds lazy to request an automatic opening paragraph mark but isn't automating lazy the whole point of Alfred? 



Here's how it should work:

When a ")" is added, Alfred should look back in the statement and add a parenthesis at a previous math statement (+-/*)



results in:


or, not finding that, at the start of the statement.


results in:




Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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That's really odd, cause I'm pretty certain that in the past I wouldn't have to have the open parenthesis


would show the answer of 201


(as now my workflow is: ) 

1.45-.78)* backspace alt-left-arrow ( alt-right arrow * 300

This new workflow is such a pain that's why I thought I was doing this prior. I wonder what I was actually doing then?. Hmm.


Anyway, possible to add this to the feature list? There's gotta be some regex that would correctly assume the basic usage of a missing opening parenthesis, as I'm sure a pretty complex expression would be hard, but then again, something that complex one wouldn't be using Alfred for a quick answer.


Thanks for the app.

Powerpack Mega supporter

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6 minutes ago, dmayo2 said:

I wonder what I was actually doing then?


In your example, you could do:


As for adding auto parenthesis, it's very difficult to second guess what people would actually want when it comes to opening bracket positioning. In the example given, what's to say that 4+9*8) should be auto completed to (4+9*8).

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