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Using significant energy in 3.6.1 b910 [resolved after reboot]

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I just upgraded to v3.6.1 build 910 and Alfred is using a ton of energy and draining my battery.


Showing in Battery Menu as Using Significant Energy.


Not pegging CPU in Activity monitor.

Avg Energy Impact reported as 10.02


My battery is draining about 20 times faster than normal.


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My OS Version is 10,.13.4  (On MacBook Pro)


I rebooted my Mac, and Alfred is no longer being reported as using Significant energy....


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There’s a good chance that’s caused by a specific Workflow doing a heavy task, perhaps due to a bug. It has happened before. Just to be sure, you could run the fix in that post (it’ll do nothing if it finds nothing to fix). Then you should keep an eye to see if Alfred’s usage spikes again, and if it does try to recall which Workflows you invoked recently.

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