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Undo deletion of Snippet collection

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Hi all,


I accidentally deleted the whole collection instead of one snippet. Is there a way to retrieve that? Maybe something on the file system in the Library folder? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Charlie

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@primeminister Your best bet is to go to Time Machine and find your Alfred.alfredpreferences file from prior to the deletion, as this file will contain all of your snippets. 


You can then either replace the entire Alfred.alfredpreferences file, or navigate within the package contents to grab the folder of snippets that matches the one you've accidentally deleted.



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For those without backups that land here, if you sync your Alfred preferences with Dropbox you can go to the website and recover what you deleted, or revert things to a previous time.

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This thread has made me take a fresh look at how Alfred deletes snippets, and I've made a change to now move to trash for both snippets / collections and workflows instead of removing them. This will make it into the next Alfred release :)

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