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Launching apps but missing first character

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Hi, when I launch alfred and start typing to get an app, I often find it doesnt catch the first character I type. So I look up to see 'hotoshop' instead of 'photoshop'


Is this a bug in Alfred that it sometimes misses the first character? And/or is there a way to get it to search for apps without requiring all the letters to match?



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Hi @andrewsleigh and welcome to the forum!


Could you please let me know what your Alfred hotkey is set to, and whether you're on High Sierra? If it's Cmd + Space, it's likely that Siri on High Sierra is interfering with it.


In the System Preferences for Siri, disable holding Cmd for Siri, as this is the most likely culprit. You can also check that in the Spotlight preferences, Cmd + Space isn't re-set for Spotlight and interfering.


[Edited to add: And of course, make sure you're on the latest Alfred version (3.6.1 at this time) for full High Sierra compatibility.]


Let me know if the above resolves the issue for you :)



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Tried that, and it seems to happen if you don't lift your finger of the modifier key before you start typing. Alfred won't recognise any key presses until you do this. Is that normal? Is there a workaround?

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On 5/7/2018 at 2:33 AM, andrewsleigh said:

OK, Is there a way for ALfred to be less strict about getting all the letters. Ie matching 'hotoshop' to 'photoshop'?


Bumping this. Is there a way?

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