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Show preferred item by default (without typing)


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I am searching for an option to get my preferred items listed even before I type any keyword.

I am not sure this feature is available but I have used such feature in all the launchers I have used up to now.


Could you help me find where to activate this?



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Hi @vitor,


Thank you for your help. But I do not want to use any key. What I want is to see my top links directly when I open alfred.

Some kind of favourites. And if I do not want to open any of these favourites then I would start to type in.


For example let say that recently in the last days I have opened opera 30 times, Photoshop 10 times and Visual Studio Code 5 times and other than that many other applications let say Notepad, Chrome, Terminal, and Parallels).


When I open alfred I would like to see the following even before I start to type :


Search bar ....







(In that scenario lets limit the list to 5 top elements). Maybe the number of elements visible could be configurable. This list could also potentially be a fixed list set by the user himself.


It is probably not supported by Alfred at the moment. Is there a way to have access to the source code to add such a feature ourself?


I love Alfred, you have done a great job with this product. This feature is the only thing I miss.

Thank you.


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