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Search selected term within a specific Google Sheet

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Hello Dear Alfreds


I do technical translation and we have a long shared Google spreadsheet with a list of terms and names that have very specific translations.


I would like to be able select a word or name (e.g. Institute of Cinema and Audio-Visual Arts) and search for that in the "Translation Glossary".


I don't mind if Alfred opens the Sheet itself in a browser window.

(Getting it to return results in Alfred would be an interesting challenge though)


Many thanks




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@iJemz At what frequency is the Google spreadsheet updated? Do you have to use that source, or can you export it to use locally?


If you can use it locally, create a CSV file, which you can then use with a List Filter where you can search or browse for particular terms and find its translated match.


Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 14.09.04.png


You can then add a Copy to Clipboard output to paste to the frontmost app when pressing return.


Given how easy it is to drop in a CSV file, you could easily replace the list of terms periodically. :)


Fellow users may come up with ideas on working with Google Spreadsheets, but I thought I'd suggest this as an alternative way of searching and locating your translations.



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