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Monthly subscription or 1-time?

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Welcome @ivfriedm,


There are no subscription prices for Alfred. The prices are one-time and last for the duration of each major version. When a new major version is released, there’s usually a discounted upgrade pricing for current users. However, if you buy the Mega Supporter license you’ll only pay once and get all upgrades for all major versions in perpetuity.


For more detail, see the support page that explains licence types.


Keep in mind the caveat that I’m a (long-time) Alfred user and not part of the team, but as it stands that’s how it works.

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9 minutes ago, davidsword said:

I wonder why Alfred isn't subscription based? Does anyone know?


Alfred is an app for power users. Power users historically dislike subscriptions. Alfred’s community isn’t gigantic, but it is loyal. A subscription-based product would drive tons of people away. There are people who complain that they have (hint: they don’t have) to upgrade to a major versions after years of using the current one, even after getting a bunch of smaller upgrades over that same time, so can you imagine with subscriptions?


I don’t have any insider information, but it should be safe to assume Alfred’s team has at least considered it and so far decided against it. I’d wager that as a small (two people) team, they dislike subscriptions as well and have low enough costs to support the software as is.


Non-subscription software gets a lot of good will. Just look at the Affinity suite of design software. They take every chance they get to take a jab at Adobe by always mentioning they’re not subscription-based. They know that attracts a specific section of loyal users and are betting on them.


Again, I don’t have any insider information. But that would’ve been my logic.

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