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Snippet suggestion grab bag: Add "Date Modified" column to Snippets list in Preferences; maintain detailed snippet usage statistics; hide "Keyword ''" in snippet browser

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1. In my never-ending quest to shoehorn ever more snippet functionality into Alfred, I'd love (at least the option of) a Date Modified column in the Snippets list in Preferences – I live and die by Alfred snippets in my (email-based customer support) day job (lots of boilerplate text and instructions/fixes for common issues), and being able to more easily surface old (and potentially stale) snippets would be a big boon. I can fudge this by exporting/renaming to .zip/unzipping/checking modification dates, but having this right within the app would be better still!


2. While I'm dreaming, I'd also love per-snippet usage statistics (perhaps across a given time period – you've used this X times this week/month/since creating it) – both for the coolness factor (quantified self foreverrrrrrr!) but more usefully for the purposes of seeing what snippets I most frequently use (and should concentrate on making sure are most polished).


3. A tiny one – the snippet browser shows Keyword '' (empty quotation marks) for a given snippet when no typed keyword is set, which offends my delicate aesthetic sensibilities – would love to just have this not displayed in such cases.


(Turned into a three-in-one-request, but at least all thematically linked – sorry!)

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