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How to send HTTP request with OAuth safely inside Alfred

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I have this workflow and inside it in a red Bash Run Script I want to send an HTTP request that needs as OAuth my GitHub username and password.


I want to be able to share this workflow with other people and thus I don't want to put my GitHub credentials in the workflow. The request I need to send is this: https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/#delete-a-repository 


Actually I think I can get a GitHub OAuth token and save it in Alfred dirs somewhere and then use that but those Alfred directories always confused me. ?

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2 minutes ago, nikivi said:

needs as OAuth my GitHub username and password


Then you and/or the service you're using aren't doing OAuth properly. The whole point of OAuth is so you don't have to give random software your password.


If you really do need username and password, then obviously you store them in Keychain.

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