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Force Keyboard delays

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I usually use both Japanese and English. So I need to switch Keyboard in changing the language.

I'd like to use Alfred in English always, so Force Keyboard option is very appreciated.

However, this forcing change isn't sometimes completed before typing in Alfred toggle field.


Would it be possible to shorten this duration in the feature?


Alfred v3.6 [903]

macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E202)

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@dra Alfred requests a keyboard change the instant you use the Alfred hotkey, so has no control over the speed of the language change. In my testing, this has always been pretty instant, so I'm not sure what could be causing a delay for you.


One thing you could try is setting the focus mode to "Compatibility" in Alfred's Appearance > Options. This makes Alfred work more like a traditional macOS window, so may change the behaviour.


Also, make sure you don't have a conflicting setting in the macOS Keyboard > Input Sources > Automatically switch to a document's input source.




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Thank you for your advice.

Yes, "Compatibility" function seems to resolve my issue. I confirmed I don't use the automatically switch function on macOS.

I'll see how it goes on afterwards.




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