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Ability to use macOS services from Alfred

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I've been recently playing around with launchbar and switch back and forth between it and Alfred. 

One thing I noticed that is pretty killer in launchbar, is the ability to use macOS services. Launchbar is indexing them by default and lets you use them either with normal text or files. 


A proposal could be:

  1. Type some text (or use a workflow to get the selected text and propagate the alfred window with it)
  2. Hit CTRL
  3. Select "Use Service" (or directly suggest them)
  4. Hit enter on a service to use them


And the same with files. Hit CTRL and propagate the actions window with services that support the file type, next to workflow actions and default alfred actions


I think this would make Alfred a lot more powerful without the need to create custom workflows. A lot of apps (the majority?) already exposes services, and being able to use them directly within alfred would be great. 


For example, some workflows that I manually wrote that would be possible with a service:

  • DEVONthink: Add notes or files
  • Delivers: Add a delivery from a text string
  • Fantastical, Cardhop, Things: Add new entry directly from text


Screenshot of available services enabled on my system when selecting text:



Screenshot of available services when selecting a file:


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