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Where Simple To-Do List Items Are Stored

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@mrtechnique Welcome to the forum!


If you take a look at the "About This Workflow" notes (by clicking on the [x] in the top right of the workflow, you'll find the following info:






To-do lists location: The workflow saves your to-do lists in ~/Documents/Alfred/todos/ but you can change the path in the Workflow Environment Variables window.


Lists names: These are "Work", "Home" and "Waiting For" by default. You can change them in the List Filter object within the workflow.



This is also where you can change the path to a location of your choice.


If you want to view the lists you're creating, typing the keyword "vtodo" into Alfred shows you the existing lists so that you can open the relevant one.


Hope this helps :)



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@mrtechnique Yes, this is a very simple workflow, so you could either view the list and move an item down to a "Done" list or delete the item. I tend to do the latter, so I didn't plan for a mechanism to mark as done.


Some users have created far cleverer to do lists, or workflows that integrate with existing to-do list apps, so you can also look out for those :)



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