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How to have URL link in Applications folder treated like an application

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Hi there,


I'm sure I'm solving this problem the wrong way and missing something obvious. I dragged the URL link for Google Calendar from Chrome to my Applications folder (and renamed it Google Calendar.webloc).


I would like to be able to invoke it the same way that I do with other applications in the Applications directory. I can open it by typing open cal or ' cal. But I want to be able to just type cal into Alfred. Being a file, the link is not found if I do that.


I've achieved a workaround in a messy way by creating a new type of Web Search query called cal with a URL that makes no reference to {query} but instead always goes to the same place. It's not the right way but I can type ⌘-space cal ↵ to get to my calendar.


What would be the better way to do this?


Many thanks


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@Steve Ball Rather than including it as an Application (which it isn't), you can create a custom result for it via a workflow.


Create a workflow and connect a keyword (no argument) with an Open File object containing the .webloc file. You can specify Chrome as the opening application there too if it isn't already your default browser. It's not too dissimilar to your custom search, but gives you a bit more control in terms of how it's opened.



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