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READ FIRST: Reporting bugs in macOS 10.14 Mojave betas

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Apple announced Mojave in early June, and we're already working to ensure Alfred works perfectly with the new version of macOS.


To help us identify bugs (with Mojave and/or Alfred), please follow these steps before reporting an issue you've encountered:


  • Make sure you're using the latest Alfred 3 pre-release (in Update > Pre-releases) and the latest Mojave beta
  • Read the existing threads in this forum, in case the issue has already been reported
  • If you report a new issue, take a look at the Reporting Guidelines and provide as much information as possible


Please keep in mind that Mojave is in early beta, so bugs may appear or disappear over the course of the next few betas as Apple fixes issues ahead of their general release. If the issue you're encountering is squarely with Apple, and you're able to report the bug directly, please do so, as the more clear reports they get, the better the OS will be for everyone! :)

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