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Search Scope in V2?

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I'm a bit confused - in Alfred 1, I had a limited search scope for the "Default Results", but the "File Search" would search "Everything" (I assume everything that was indexed by Spotlight). Now in V2, the "File Search" results seem to be limited to the same scope as the "Default Results". I have to manually add paths to the "Default Results" Search Scope in order to get them to appear in my "File Search" results.


Is this how it's supposed to work now? How are we meant to so a search on "Everything" without cluttering up the "Default Results".?



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This will be an option in the file search advanced prefs, I just haven't got there yet :)


Edit: I found my notes on this and I actually did it for a reason, to simplify understanding where files were found. You can quite easily disable the default file search keywords and replace them with much more flexible custom file filter workflows.

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