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Password Generator Workflow

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Hey everyone,


Just rustled up a quick workflow to generate a password of any length and automatically send it to the clipboard, with an option for your generated password to include non-alphanumeric characters in addition to alphanumeric ones or limit it to just alphanumeric characters.


Whilst this not as secure a means of generating a password in comparison to tools such as 1password (as the password will be stored in the clear in the clipboard), I figured it might be useful for some of you denizens of the Alfred forums!


So, for example, entering 'pwg 15' would result in a string like this:




And, if you want a purely alphanumeric password, just hold down option when you press enter and you'll get something like this:




You can specify any number of digits after 'pwg' to set the desired length of your password.




Disclaimer: This workflow is for use 'as is', and I accept no responsibility for the security of any passwords that you generate via this workflow or any accounts that you secure with passwords generated via this workflow. [/legalese]


Download here: Password Generator Workflow

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Thanks very much for this workflow. I second the above suggestion. And I also want to suggest a way to require a minimum number of numerals / special characters. Some passwords are generated with zero special characters, while some are generated with 3 or 4.

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