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Youtube Workflow Gives Blank Page Very Often

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Hey everyone!


So I've this is more of an annoyance rather than a broken feature. A lot of the time when I use Alfred to jump straight into a YouTube search with "YouTube …", it gives me a fully loaded blank screen as shown in the attached file. What I have to do then is simple reload the page with CMD+R and all is well.


Does anyone know how to fix this?


In the attachment example, I've input "Youtube how to defragment mac" into Alfred and was given a blank search result (this is a fully loaded screen).

Blank YouTube.png

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The URL looks correct. Alfred has no more influence than that: it simply asks the system to ask your default browser to open the URL.


As regards the question, you don't defragment Macs: the filesystem takes care of that automatically.


The only situation in which you might want to defragment a Mac HDD (and never an SSD) is if you're working with live capture of large amounts of video/audio data.


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