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Character & Word Counter Workflow

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Github Repo: https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow




Character & Word Counter for Alfred

An Alfred Workflow that count character & word for you



Download from Release 1.0


Keyword: cw


Clone the repository

Open your favourite terminal

composer install


  1. Icons by flaticon.com
  2. PHP helper class for Alfred Workflows by joetannenbaum/alfred-workflow
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Looks great.


I'm a super newbie dev and I'm having trouble installing it. I tried compressing it into a "Archive.alfredworkflow" file but only part of the flow appeared.


I'd like to try "composer install" or "git clone" but I don't know what folder I need to be in inside Iterm. 



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5 hours ago, Shakti said:

I tried compressing it into a "Archive.alfredworkflow" file but only part of the flow appeared.


You shouldn't do that as a rule. Why didn't you download the .alfredworkflow file from the download link posted in the OP?


Also, that is the whole workflow. It's not possible for a workflow to get corrupted in such a way that it still installs, but half of its elements are missing.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.


What's the "OP"?  


I've been going to this link" https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow and downloading the file and, I just don't know what to do with it? There is no .alfredworkflow file in there and when I compress and rename it, it only half works, but it won't count the characters.  


I can't figure out how to use an alfred workflow from github. 



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