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[SOLVED] Help with Large Type object

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I have this workflow that writes some text to a file as a bash script. This text is essentially a TODO task of mine that I can prefill from Alfred keyword or select some text and change the file.


My issue however is with displaying the task briefly on the screen with Large Type object. I want to make it so that if I activate this hotkey:




The task shows up on the screen as it does currently. I then want to make it so that if I press the hotkey again whilst the Large Type is still showing, it will dismiss it and NOT show it up again on the screen.


Furthermore I want to make the Large Type disappear after 1 second if I don't actually dismiss it in the time that it is still up. 


My workflow is that I want to quickly see the active task on screen, dismiss it immediately once I read the task by pressing the same hotkey or running the external trigger or have it be shown for a bit and let it dismiss on its own. Can I do this?


Thank you for any help. 

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You can kind of do it, by creating a temporary file and checking for its existence. You’ll also need the Dispatch Key Combo OutputDelay Utility, and Filter Utility.

[Hotkey] Press Hotkey
[Run Script] Temp file exists? → [Filter] yes → [Key Combo] ⎋ → [Run Script] Delete temp file
     ↓                            ↑
[Filter] No                       ↑
     ↓                            ↑
[Run Script] Create temp file     ↑
     ↓                            ↑
Show Large Type                   ↑
     ↓                            ↑
[Delay] Wait                      ↑
     ↓                            ↑
[Run Script] Temp file exists? → ↗

You need two [Run Script] Temp file exists? because the second one cannot have a [Filter] No to avoid an undesirable loop.


This is bound to break if you dismiss the Large Type by pressing ⎋ yourself or clicking it. But I it’s likely the best we can do right now.

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