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Enabling Quicklook for Script filter entries

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We can already quicklook normal Alfred entries, but I would really like to be able to quicklook entries in the script filter output.  I realise this is not straightforward, in that the script filter JSON would need to be modified contain a new field that would be the file target Alfred would then send to `qlmanage -p` — but if we could select an filter entry, ⌘Y it and get the quicklook window without losing focus of the Alfred list it would be phenomenal. My idea is that if there is no JSON entry or it is empty, then ⌘Y does nothing (i.e. nonbreaking backwards compatible), if it is present and a file path, then QL that file. 


Thanks for your consideration!

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14 minutes ago, vitor said:

Script Filter JSON Format documentation. Look for quicklookurl.


Bloody hell. I completely forgot about quicklookurl!


I just checked my Python and Go libraries in a panic, and fortunately, the amnesia was temporary: I've implemented quicklookurl in both.


So, the skinny is: If quicklookurl is set, Alfred passes that to Quicklook. If it isn't set, Alfred passes arg to Quicklook.


quicklookurl is a bit of a misnomer, as it can also be a filepath.

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Hi, I have a new question: if I want to pass more than one file to QL via Alfred, is this possible, and how? This is possible for QL (pass multiple files via qlmanage -p for example), but Alfred may not parse the url string to pass as seperate items. On the command line (qlmanage -p) using a single string input, I tried separating within the string using space, comma, colon but none worked (you have to use multiple inputs). Thanks for any help!

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