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ZotHero — Generate Zotero citations in Alfred

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Rapidly search your Zotero database and copy citations.



  • Perform full-text search across your Zotero database, including only searching specific fields
  • Copy citations using any CSL style you have installed in Zotero
  • Copy citations either in citation/note style or bibliography style
  • Copy citations in any locale supported by CSL
  • Citations are copied in multiple formats, so the right data are automatically pasted into the application you're using
  • Trigger search while you type using the Snippet Trigger (you must assign the snippet keyword yourself in Alfred Preferences)

Download & installation

Download the ZotHero-XYZ.alfredworkflow file from GitHub releases, and double-click the downloaded file to install.

Basic usage

These are the workflow's default keywords:

  • zot <query> — Search your Zotero database (common fields).
  • zot:[<query>] — Search a specific field.
  • zotconf [<query>] — View and edit workflow configuration.

See the README on GitHub for full instructions.

Pasting citations

When you copy a citation, ZotHero puts both HTML and rich text (RTF) representations on the pasteboard. That way, when you paste a citation into an application like Word, the formatted text will be pasted, but when you paste into a text/Markdown document, the HTML will be pasted.

Licence & thanks

The workflow is released under the MIT licence.

The Zorro icon was created by Dan Lowenstein.

Citations are generated by citeproc-js (AGPLv3).

Workflow stuff is taken care of by Alfred-Workflow (also MIT licence).

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Added Snippet Trigger in v1.1. Using the Snippet Trigger pastes the citation directly in the active application.

Note: You have to assign your own trigger—Alfred strips Snippet Triggers on install.

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