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Direction keys are captured by fallback results before by the input method


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As foreign Mac users, we always use input method to enter text.

In many input methods, direction keys (most as uparrow and downarrow) are used to select words or characters for the corresponding language.

However,  when we enter the text by input method in the fallback results field, the direction keys are captured to select the fallback actions other than the words of input method. 

This phenomenon occurs always and is quite distracting. Conversely, in Spotlight, the words' selection for input methods is always prior to the selection of actions.

There is no doubt that the Alfred users in many countries are suffering from this bug. 


Please let us know any further information of the debugging process at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 00.24.13.png

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I'm Dutch, and the Up and Down arrows don't scroll through the input options for me. The Left and Right arrows do, but that doesn't conflict with Alfred.

But why not press the number next to the word? It seems faster than using the arrow keys and pressing Enter.

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By the application of the Up and Down Arrow keys, the list of words can be gone through with just one keystroke

  • Using numbers next to the words, we can only go through one word a time.
  • Using Up and Down Arrow keys, we can surely go through one list a time.
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