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Sharing alfred settings through iCloud

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Hi @mrk, welcome to the forum.


Short answer: no.


Long answer: not until iCloud actually works. iCloud is slow and unreliable, and has a long track record of breaking and losing Alfred's preferences. See the the sync documentation for details.


The long and short of it is, if you configure Alfred to sync its preferences via iCloud, you're basically starting a countdown to losing your preferences.


You can do it if you really want, but it will break sooner or later.

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@mrk On top of @deanishe's fair assessment of the downsides of iCloud, there's the added issue of Apple bringing in "Optimised Storage" where iCloud decides which files you need locally, and which should be stored in the cloud for future use.


You can read up on disabling Optimised Storage here:



While we don't recommend iCloud, if you absolutely want to use it, make sure that you 1. Disable Optimised Storage and 2. Keep local backups so that if iCloud fails, you can revert to your most recent backup.



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