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Don't understand what to do with applications once I have launched them from Remote

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I understand that I can copy the Open Apps examples, paste in my 3rd party apps and start them using the example workflow; What I don't understand is, what do I do with the apps from my remote after I have opened them.  There is no keyboard interface that comes with the workflows so I can't edit the files I open in these apps; so why bother opening an app from my remote if I can't do anything with it after I open it???  I may seem to be as dumb as a post to you but I just don't get it. (at least not yet)(I haven't quit trying).

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@PAUL R FONTENOT Remote is intended as a quick command centre for your Mac, so it's frequently used while sitting at your Mac.




For example, you could create pages of folders and files you want quick access to without having to remember their name to type into Alfred, snippets you want to paste with a tap instead of remembering the keyword, etc. It all depends on your personal needs and habits.


It's possible to script more advanced actions, like one of our brilliant users who has created a Spotify controller you can use from Remote.


Take a look at the latter half of this post for examples of how you can use Remote:




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Thanks for your insight and inspiration on how to use Remote; as I gain some experience with the nuances of Alfred, I am sure I will someday "see the light" and have an epiphany about what Alfred and the Remote have the potential for. 

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re: your message of Posted Friday at 03:09 AM  concerning uses for the remote, I have come around to see the potential for the remote by having the ease of launching files within applications with the tap of a finger instead of doing it manually.  Thank you for your insight on this matter.  ?

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