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[SOLVED] How Do I Create A List Filter That Activates Another List Filter?

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I have no knowledge of coding or anything like that, but I'm trying to create a list filter that will activate another list filter.


I already know how to make a list filter, but have been unsuccessful trying to get a list filter to activate another.


Basically what I'm trying to do is create a workflow that shows a menu of items and when I click one of those items, it'll then show another list of items.

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Welcome @tailoredfilter,

  1. Make a List Filter and fill it out. On each item, be sure to fill the Arg box with something unique that identifies the item.
  2. Connect it to a Filter Utility with the default values (i.e. “Only continue if {query} is equal to”) and put whatever you had on the Arg box in the Filter.
  3. Connect that to the new List Filter.
  4. Repeat however many times is relevant (once for each item on the original List Filter).

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Hmm. That's what I tried doing and why I decided to ask on here.


I've set it up like that. However, when trying to use the workflow, if I select something from the first list, it just shows the Arg instead of another list.

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The issue is the argument is being passed to the second List Filter, so it’s being used as the filtering word. To prevent that, add an Argument and Variables Utility between the Filter and the second List Filter and make the Argument box empty (so nothing is passed).

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Hi @vitor, I am trying to do the same as the OP described, but both lists are thousands of items long. Is this a job for a script filter? To clarify, I have an initial List Filter, and I would like to grep a second large file for the Arg from the first Filter and serve the (parsed) output to the user in Alfred. 



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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, giovanni said:

thousands of items long. Is this a job for a script filter?


A Script Filter can handle several tens of thousands of results no problem. IIRC, when Andrew implemented it, he was testing it with 50K+ entries.

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