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Create a custom http search query with Alfred app

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On 7/21/2018 at 5:37 AM, vitor said:

Thanks a lot man! Could you please tell me how you made this possible? I tried many times but couldn't figure it out.

Also, could you do it for this forum website too: https://cracked.to/ also uses the same forums

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3 hours ago, dave_the_rave said:

https://cracked.to/ also uses the same forums


Doesn’t look like it. It includes an sid (session ID) with each request, which is something I’ve found in phpBB forums. Nulled uses Invision Power Board, same as the Alfred forums.

I’ve tried to programatically get the search query URLs for a phpBB board in the past and it was such a pain I abandoned the effort. This seems to use the same methods.


3 hours ago, dave_the_rave said:

Could you please tell me how you made this possible?


It depends on the website but is usually a variation of this:




You’ll notice the final URL I gave you is slightly different. That’s because not all parameters of the query string are strictly necessary.

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Hey I think we can do this using python but I am not being able to pass it to the browser: 

Here is the script: 


import requests
import sys

query = sys.argv[1]
payload = {'action': 'do_search', 'keywords' : query, 'postthread' :'2',  'matchusername' : '1', 'forums[]': 'all', 'findthreadst':'1', 'numreplies':'', 'postdate':'0', 'pddir':'1', 'threadprefix[]': 'any', 'sortby':'lastpost', 'sortordr':'desc', 'showresults':'threads', 'submit':'Search'}

if len(query) > 0:
    r = requests.post('https://cracked.to/search.php', data=payload)

Here is the workflow: https://d.pr/f/vEVw9K


Any ideas?

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