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Alfred 3.7 BETA for Mojave Beta 4+


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A few things changed in macOS Mojave Beta 4 which has meant a change in the way Alfred will be dealing with macOS Accessibility access and general permissions. In Alfred 3.6.2 and before, Alfred separated the permissions into a helper app called Alfred Text Service, but since Beta 4, it seems like macOS doesn't like two apps within the same package and same signature (Alfred 3 / Alfred Text Service) from sharing accessibility access - This is likely a bug in Mojave.


Nevertheless, since Mojave now also requires accessibility permissions to simulate key events (Which Alfred uses quite considerably for clipboard integration, workflows, file actions), it makes sense to now consolidate Alfred Text Service into Alfred's core and make Alfred the only app which requires accessibility access.


When you launch Alfred 3.7 for the first time, if you haven't already granted Alfred 3 accessibility access, you'll be shown this dialog:


Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 14.24.05.png


Select "Let's get started..." and tick Alfred 3 to have accessibility access. Alfred will then restart himself and automation / text expansion should work as expected :)


Here is an early beta version of Alfred 3.7:

[LINK REMOVED, Alfred 3.7 pre-release is now available from Alfred's update tab]


NOTE: If things still aren't working as expected, quit Alfred then open the macOS Security & Privacy > Accessibility preferences. Remove both Alfred 3 and Alfred Text Service, then restart your Mac. Run Alfred and you should get this dialog above.


Let me know how you get on!




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Hey Andrew - what a quick turnaround.  I removed any alfred accessibility references from settings, launched the beta from the download in your post, followed your directions and I am back in business.  Thank you very much!

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