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[SOLVED] Help converting a Keyboard Maestro Macro into a workflow

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HI Guys,

Brand new to Alfred, so please excuse my ignorance. I'm looking at converting a small(ish) KM macro over to Alfred if at all possible.


The workflow is triggered by a Hotkey, (pauses to allow time for recent files to be saved), and monitors a source folder, finds the latest added file and copies it to a destination folder. Attached is the screenshot of the script that is currently used in KM.


Any help would be much appreciated. I'm sure it's relatively easy, but I'm still learning how to string everything together.






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Amazing! Thanks so much!


One reason I wanted to switch over to Alfred was that it was a friendlier UI for our team to use.


1. Is there any way to allow me to change the source and destination directories (these change on a regular basis) by clicking an object in the workflow and navigating to the folder (instead of opening and pasting the folder paths inside the script each time) - this one one thing I wasn't super keen on inside KM.


2. Also is there any way to limit this workflow to only monitor and copy over .jpg files? 


I really appreciate your help!

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Thanks for the reply, Vito.


1. This workflow is used during an event, so we wouldn't need it to be continually changing - just when we set up the folders before the event. So if there was a clean method to change the folders, and not have it pop up as an option when the workflow is triggered that would be ideal. If not, we can stay with the current pasting in the path.

2. I would like to copy the most recently modified jpg. (Sometime other files including preference / settings file get added to the folder - which I want to ignore)



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