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Text Expansion in Snippets

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Hello - looks like a small bug, 

I'm trying to create a text expansion keyword.  In the modal, I type @add to insert the text "Awesome, lets add to asana so we don't forget."


When I exit the model alfred inputs some other text for the keyword "asana@addadd"



Double click they keyword from the snippets panel show the correct keyword



However only the long format alfred generated keyword works  "asana@addadd".  "@add" does not expand text. 

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I bet if you open the enclosing snippet collection you'll find you have an affix "asana" and a suffix "add" -- those are there in case you want all snippets in the collection to begin or end with the same characters.

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@digital_literacy - @dfay is right, I can see in the second screenshot that you have set a collection prefix of 'asana' in the subtext of the collection. Edit the collection and clear the prefix :)





Moving to discussion and help

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