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snippet triggers triggered in Alfred don't paste to Alfred


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I recently migrated nearly all my snippets from TextExpander to Alfred.  These include many which call AppleScripts -- in Alfred these had to be recreated as workflows with snippet triggers.


The problem is that I used to use many of these snippets to generate text for use in Alfred, i.e. I'd call up Alfred, type the snippet to run the script into Alfred's window, and then run a workflow on the resulting text. 


When I do this with an Alfred snippet trigger, however, rather than putting its output into Alfred's window, it pastes it to the underlying app.  This is consistent with the behaviour for a Copy to Clipboard action with the paste button checked, but it's not appropriate for a snippet trigger.  So it's not really a bug - but it is a significant inconsistency in the behaviour of Alfred's snippets vs. Alfred's snippet triggers, and one that makes it a lot less feasible to migrate from TE.


Maybe what is needed is an Allow pasting to Alfred? option in the Copy to Clipboard object?



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