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[SOLVED] Menu Bar Activate - Full Screen Apps with missing menu bars?

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@N0vi - Thanks for posting your Menu Bar Activate workflow to Packal. It's great and has made using the "Move focus to menu bar" feature much easier.


This isn't an issue with the workflow, but I was wondering if you - or anyone else - knows how to get this feature working with apps in fullscreen (i.e., where the menu bar doesn't show up until after the cursor is moved to the top of the screen)? 


For example, if you're working in full screen with Safari, the menu bar is completely hidden.




For some odd reason, Apple's shortcut to "Move focus to menu bar" doesn't work in these cases (and, therefore, neither does the workflow). I'm not sure why Apple did this, but it has made it rather difficult to use the feature. 


In any event, I was just curious if there was a way for your workflow to work in fullscreen mode? Is it possible to reveal the menu somehow in these circumstances (e.g., by mimicking the cursor or some other method)?




Thanks for your help!!


PS - For others reading this post, the "Move focus to menu bar" shortcut can be found in your System Preferences (System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - Keyboard - Move focus to menu bar) (third shortcut from the top of the list).


PPS - I have not turned on the feature to "Automatically hide and show the menu bar" (in System Preferences - General - Automatically hide and show the menu bar) ... so I have no idea why it's even doing this. To be clear, I like the fact that it's hidden in full screen, I'm just confused why the "Move focus to menu bar" shortcut would not automatically reveal it.

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I don’t use the “move focus to menu bar” feature, but I do have a keyboard shortcut for System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts → Show Help Menu. You might prefer that for a few reasons:

  • It goes directly to the Help search bar, so you can start typing to get immediate results.
  • It also focus the menu bar (though presumably at the other end).
  • It works in fullscreen apps when the menu bar is hidden.
  • It doesn’t require extra Workflows or software.

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