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Open with Coda 2 — Action Workflow

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For all my Coda 2 users out there.

This is an action to open folders in Coda 2.


Download Here

**Moved file from droplr to dropbox. The link should stay up now.

Enjoy! =) 

Edited by samvlu

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Hi community,


I would like to buy the powerpack but before I would like to know if someone has this workflow. I can't find it and the link is dead.

Thanks in advance

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Not to worry. This is very easy to remake, and you don’t need any coding experience to do it. In case you decide to buy and samvlu doesn’t update the link in the meantime, I can give you the directions.

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I bought the powerpack because I found other great workflow.
As Samvlu doesn't seem to update the link, I would appreciate your help to create this workflow again.

Thanks in advance !

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@tuxtux00 I updated the link for you.


Sorry for the link not working. I had the workflow with droplr before and I was unaware the link stopped working.

I've moved the workflow to my dropbox so it should stay up moving forward. Thanks Vitor for taking the time to make an awesome video.

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