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Snippet option will pop up while typing in a normal text field

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Hi there,


Recently, I noticed that when I'm typing some snippet keyword will be picked up by computer, even I'm not within the Alfred box.



I have snippet as 'name', when I was typing inside Bear notes, when I type name, the snippet content will pop up into the text field.


Can you please look into this?



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Hi @vitor,


Thanks for your reply.


It seems my snippet has too generic keywords.


Also, how does the snippet be triggered in general? Is there some sort of backend script keep scanning for the keyword while I'm typing?


In addition, is that possible for me to configure snippet only be triggered at the Alfred window and copy the content to the clipboard only?


Looking forward to your reply.


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@wzhan366 Yes, your snippets are too generic to be useful. Here are some tips to set up good snippets that won't trigger accidentally, yet can be memorable:



Alfred has accessibility access on your Mac, allowing him to track your keystrokes and auto-expand your snippet when you type the relevant keyword. Of course, this is only active once you enable snippet auto-expansion in Alfred's preferences, and does not see your keystrokes when typing into a secure input field like a password field.


If you prefer to browse your snippets to paste them manually, you can disable auto-expansion, and use the Snippets Viewer or Snip keyword instead.


The snippets viewer:



The "snip" keyword:




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