Translation with Leo Dictionary (German <> English/French/Spanish)

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Same here, suddenly the workflows doesn't work anymore. Please, get it working again. One of the most important and useful workflows for Alfred! Many thanks!! 

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I just debugged it a little bit - it stopped working because changed something in their HTML. 


I created a small fix, download here.


After that I saw it was already fixed by someone on GitHub, I think the original author will release a fixed version, soon. 

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Is the workflow still working? Just want to check since it seems that is not working on my computer. A short notice would be perfect. Thanks! 

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Hello, wanted to say: Great Workflow!


Unfortunatly it is not working anymore on my MBP with 10.8.5. (see attached screenshot below).


Although the Leo-Workflow is shown by typing "de ", any following word brings up the standard-queries.


Any idea how to fix that? I am using the latest version of the workflow and already did a clean install of it as well as a restart my my mac.


Thank you,




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Hey, sorry to revive an old thread.


I really love this Workflow and use it every few minutes. However, it stops working after some time, i.e. when you look up words, no results are shown anymore. I need to go out of Alfred and open the Workflow again for it to start working. Does anyone else have this problem?

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this is really awesome!

would it be able to add an action like "open this word on Leo"?

So if I got the translation but maybe I'd like to watch this entry on Leo and listen to its pronunciation.

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