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Feature request: Add "File Search" as a fallback search


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I may be the only one around here that forgets to type a space or the ' when searching for a file...usually there are no results for what I searched, so I get the options to search on Wikipedia, Amazon or Google. I would love to have another option here: file search. This would just perform the search again with a ' or " " added in front. 


I saw fallback searches functionality changed a little bit, and that when adding one there's a menu that for the time being only shows "web search"...so hopefully this is something Andrew and Vero have thought about before. 

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You can't do that right out of the box, but hopefully Alfred is powerful enough to allow you that. I made this little workflow that does what you want. It could be better but it's work well.


Download it here: http://cl.ly/NdGL and add a new Fallback Search in the "Default Results" section selecting this workflow.

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