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How can I change order of files?


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@morav Alfred's File Navigation (which is the view in your screenshot) is ordered alphabetically, and can't be grouped like Finder's view you shared.


In File Navigation mode, start typing the name of the file you're looking for (or prefix it with a star to wildcard it, if you're not sure of the start of the file's name)  to filter down to just the relevant files within that folder.


In Alfred's default results as well as in File Filters, files will be ordered by relevance (the most recently opened in Alfred and used in macOS). Again, your best bet is to keep typing the name of the file or folder to narrow down the list and make it easy to pick out the file you want :)



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4 hours ago, morav said:

If I get it right, there aren't ways of sorting files in Alfred by time or anything else. Am I right?


Not natively, no. It can be done with a Workflow, if you’re comfortable with coding. RecentDownloads, for example, does it (it’s the whole point of the Workflow) but only for the Downloads directory. It might be enough for you, since it’s the directory you use in your examples. Making it work agnostically for any directory while keeping the navigation features would take quite a bit more work, and wouldn’t look the same as Alfred’s native browser.

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