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Problem with Alfred not using Alfred scope on Folder file filter


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I am using this workflow to search folders only on my mac.


However for some reason this filter searches folders it shouldn't search because I excluded them in Spotlight settings:




Alfred all file search respects it:




But the folder search filter doesn't and shows folders inside ~/Dropbox/Alfred.



Am I doing something wrong?


Also I was curious about this setting page:




There is no ~/ in there. So no ~/Documents and no ~/Desktop and so on. Is it implicit that it's searching home directory too?


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Actually never mind, Alfred default search also doesn't respect it.




I am rebuilding macOS metadata index now which should take an hour it says. I guess I have to run that every time I make a change to Spotlight settings. I didn't want to call it because I didn't want to lose whatever caching Alfred had for indexing. I just wanted it to ignore one folder. It seems extreme to rebuild entire spotlight index just so that I have Alfred ignore one folder from my results. 

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Update: It seems that rebuilding entire spotlight index solved it. I wish there was a lightweight solution to have Alfred ignore certain paths from its search scope without rebuilding entire index which takes a while and loses all the caching good parts.

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