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This workflow can list documents and apps opened recently.
Especially, it can list files opened recently by the foremost app.

System: macOS 10.11+


Github: https://github.com/mpco/Alfred3-workflow-recent-documents



You can press Enter to open the file in result, or press ⌘CMD-Enter to reveal it in Finder.

Tap rr to list files opened recently by the foremost app.

For example:

  • Recent folders will be listed when Finder is foremost.
  • Recent rtf, text files will be listed when TextEdit app is foremost.
  • Recent *.sketch files will be listed when Sketch app is foremost.
  • Recent *.xcodeproj project files will be listed when Xcode app is foremost.

The subtitle of each result consists of ⏱modified time and ?path of the file.


Tap rf to list recent folders.

Opening recent folders is very common in use. Tapping rf is a more efficient way, even though you can activate Finder and then tap rr.


Tap rd to list recent files.

These files were recently opened by user, not like rr which is just for the foremost app.


Tap ra to list apps opened recently.


Exclude folders from the results.

You can add private folder pathes separated by colon : to the Workflow Environment Variable ExcludedFolders. The results will not show private folders and any files inside them.

For example: ~/privateFolder1/:/Users/G/privateFolder2/











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