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Mojave Accented Dark & Light Themes Collection + Theme Switcher Workflow

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Hello everyone,


Here is a full collection of themes to embrace macOS Mojave's new Dark and Light themes and their respective accent colors!

Each one hase been carefully designed with a pinch of the accent color's hue in each element.

I've chosen to respect the low contrast Yellow Accent color shipped by Apple in macOS, despite not being fond of it.

It comes in Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Gray, each with a Dark and Light variant.

You can have the color you want, as long as it's not black! 


There is now a workflow made for this themes collection, which allows you to switch easily between Dark & Light mode, and select your Alfred theme's accent color.

Here is a quick demo:





TL;DR: How to Install ?


You can find all the previews in High Res and link to each theme on Alfred's website on my repo:



Enjoy ;)



Mojave Light - Yellow.png

Mojave Light - Red.png

Mojave Light - Purple.png

Mojave Light - Pink.png

Mojave Light - Orange.png

Mojave Light - Green.png

Mojave Light - Gray.png

Mojave Light - Blue.png

Mojave Dark - Yellow.png

Mojave Dark - Red.png

Mojave Dark - Purple.png

Mojave Dark - Pink.png

Mojave Dark - Orange.png

Mojave Dark - Green.png

Mojave Dark - Gray.png

Mojave Dark - Blue.png

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Theme Switcher preview.

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I added a workflow to go with this set of Themes, you can find it on the same Github repo in the Workflows folder ;)


It features two commands :


"theme" : toggle between Dark & Light themes for both macOS & Alfred.

"theme red" : switch to the Red Accented Alfred Theme.


Here is a screenshot of the MojaveThemeSwitcher and its options:



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Thanks for the kind words Micka ?


I'm now working on a new install/update command* for the workflow, so that you won't have to manually download all the 16 themes.

Which is, honestly, quite a hastle. You can expect it tomorrow probably ;)


* For those interested, it'll be a bash script which will download the themes from the Github repository into your local alfred.preferences folder via curl.

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Thanks great work! 🤩


I hope that the Alfred-Creator will implement a automatic solution soon into Alfred.app for Mojave.


Workflows will help for now but this is not what it should like to be on macOS 🤔

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