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A simple one-liner terminal script that toggles Dark Mode/LIght Mode on/off if you are using MacOS 10.10+

Of course it has far more impact with Mojave!


Triggers (customise as you see fit):

  • Keyword: dark
  • Hotkey: CTRL+OPTION+\


UPDATE 1.1 ( Packal | GitHub )


P.S. I failed to realise until after I already had a couple revisions going on Packal.org that there was already a couple similar efforts posted here. For what it's worth, perhaps the simplicity of this is useful to someone.

P.P.S. Yes, I've since learned the 4 year old workflow by Steve identified for Yosemite still works! So I've re-invented this as an iteration on his work. See GitHub link for full details and any future improvements.



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updated version

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Thanks for bringing to my attention! I still find Packal my go to repository first as a forum makes for a painful vehicle to host and find scripts. Actually there's a 4 year old workflow by Steve over there that was identified as for Yosemite.


I've just made this a 1.1 iteration on his work rather than creating something totally redundant. Forked on GitHub.

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Just catching up on some of the past variations on here. @RodgerWW's Yosemite Dark Mode Toggle (With Alfred Theme Toggle) was ahead of it's time and your enhancement suggestions for other apps were inspired @dfay!


I would consider incorporating some of these but keen on the permanent solution of the app's themselves being responsible for supporting Dark Mode


I hope Bear and Alfred itself is to follow with updates soon! And please leave in the option to always use a dark theme regardless of Dark Mode as I have personally favoured dark theme in some apps for many years.

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